Kina Bagovska

MFA - Painting and Graphics, Academy of Fine Arts, Lodz, Poland
BA - Graphic Design, National Academy of Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria
Instructor of Drawing, Triton College, Chicago, IL, 2008-2010
Instructor of Graphic design, High School of Graphic Design, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1980-2000
• 2019 Drawings and paintings from the past, Cultural Center, “Magura”, Arlington Hgs, IL
• 2017 Rituals, ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL
• 2015 Lost and Found ( As a metaphor of life)”, ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL
• 2014 Silk and Stone, installation, Artists in residence, LeCouvent, Auzits, France
• 2013 Collection from Chicago, State Gallery – Shipka 6, Sofia, Bulgaria
• Sacred and Erotic, ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL
• 2011 Earth and Fire, ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL
• 2010 Running Lights, ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL
• 2009 Painting and Music, Thracian Stan, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
• 2008 Legend of Bread, Arc Gallery, Chicago, IL
• 2007 Pallet and Bass, Polish Cultural Center, Sofia, Bulgaria
• 2006 Icons, ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL
• Passion, Silesian Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland
• 2004 Rhythm, ARC gallery, Chicago, IL
• 2002 Seeds of Light, Ukrainian National Museum of Chicago, IL
• 2001 To Open a Window, Truman College, Chicago, IL
• 2000 To Open a Window, Hungarian Cultural Center, Sofia, Bulgaria
• 1999 Music and Space, Polish Cultural Center, Sofia, Bulgaria
• 1997 The Art of The Silence, Earth and Men, National Museum, Sofia, Bulgaria
• 1996 The Echo of the Rodopy Mountain, National Academy of Sports – Sofia, Bulgaria